Car Pool Car Wash Rewards Program

Our plan fits your schedule

Discounts are now available on every car wash package (from the $7 Super Wash to $79.95 Combo Wash).  The amount of the discount is based on 4 criteria:

  • The number of days since your last paid wash
  • The type of wash you purchase on your return visit
  • The same car is being washed as your previous visit (Identified by your car’s license plate number)
  • Your car is washed at one of our 6 full service locations.  Washes completed at our 2 exterior only locations do not count towards your rewards and rewards cannot be redeemed at the 2 locations at this point in time.

How it works

Exterior only washes and our Basic Wash receive one level of discount ($3, $2, $1).

The Rainbow Wash and higher priced full service washes receive a second tier of discounts ($7, $5, $3).

  • Come back within 14 days of your last wash; receive a discount of either $7 or $3.
  • Come back between 28 and 15 days from your last wash; receive a discount of either $5 or $2.
  • Come back between 29 to 42 days; receive a discount of $3 or $1.

If it has been over 42 days, you will not be eligible for the frequent wash discount, but can use any other coupon that you may have received through our periodic email communication with you.

Benefits of the frequency rewards program

  • No membership fee to join and participate in specials.
  • No need to carry a punch card or any other loyalty card to redeem your rewards. The discounts are automatically taken off your wash price at the register.
  • No need to limit your use to a certain wash package.  A discount is available on any wash package.
  • No need to come in for 5, 7 or 10 visits before earning a reward.  After signing up for the program,  you’ll receive a reward on your next wash that falls within 6 weeks of your last wash.  Our plan fits your schedule.
  • No need to purchase a prepaid card to receive a discount.
  • No need for a special tag or sticker on your car.
  • Additionally, by registering for the plan you will receive periodic reminders, car care tips and specials via email that you can take advantage of even if you don’t come in as often as we’d like to see you.

Only pay for the washes you get!

Don’t get oversold by unlimited wash plans.  These plans force you to have  recurring monthly fees charged to your credit card that will automatically get charged on the first day of the month before you have even gotten your car washed once in that month.  Unless you come in 3 times a month or more, month after month you are not receiving any substantial discounts on most plans.


Since the frequency rewards discounts are tied to the license plate, not your name or email address, it is important that we have accurate information so that you receive your rewards.  Please make sure we have your correct license plate.  The license plate we have in our system is the number that shows up next to “LP#” on your receipt and claim check.  If you license plate information is incorrect or  your license plate changes, notify us at  If your email bounces back to us due to an incorrect email address, then your membership will be suspended until we can confirm a valid email address for you.

Since we can only apply one discount per transaction, you can always choose to take advantage of any other offer or standing discount we have available instead of using your frequency discount.  Your wash will still count towards the appropriate discount available on your next visit.

No more than 1 email every month.  Ok, maybe 2 if we have a great offer for you!

As a condition of membership in the Frequency Rewards Program, you allow Car Pool, LLC or their agents to email you periodic announcements and promotional offers to the email address you provided.  Your email information will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of Car Pool, LLC.

To opt out of emails, you must cancel your membership.  Send an email with your license plate and email address to